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You always hear the same about most tourist destinations - that the accommodation options are varied and there’s something for everybody! It sounds like a slogan but yes, it happens – some say that the accommodation in Krakow is as varied as its culture, but in our opinion, what prevails are ‘medium sized lodgings’. These are hotels and hostels that blend into the character of the city – especially in its
– where they fit the best. So you’ll find no skyscrapers, but instead decent sized and good quality hotels that fit the neighborhood well.
If you wonder what is the best part of Krakow to stay, then yes - in the central district of Krakow you can choose historic, old and luxurious hotels, boutique hotels and even stay in a cheap but still comfortable hostel (check availabilty and reviews), perfect for backpackers. Please remember - Krakow is a former capital of Poland and one of most popular city destinations in Europe, so hotel prices are above the national average, yet it is a still worth the money paid. It is really not hard to find a good deal. Which is of course easier when you book before or after summer high season. Krakow is not only very visually attractive this time of the year - the Old Town is surrounded by a park planted on a place of old medieval walls called „Planty” - there are also other parks nearby.
what is the best part of Krakow to stay
Hotel Grand Apartment
Krakow offers visitors a huge choice of places to stay.  The most favourite option is a stay within the walls of the UNESCO listed Old Town where you can live and breathe the city’s rich history.
Five-star Bonerowski Palace occupies the building whose origins can be traced back to the late 13th century.  You can try the famous Grand Hotel for equal star level and luxury.
There are several more three- and four-star hotels located in the Old Town, including Hotel Wentzl, which offers good value for money and is located on the Main Square – moreover it is where 650 years ago in 1364, wealthy merchant Mikołaj Wierzynek hosted a splendid feast for the monarchs of Europe on behalf of the Polish King, Casimir the Great.

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