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Not only Old Town

The Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) has further three-star options, such as Hotel Astoria and Hotel Eden and it is where families and backpackers frequently choose to stay. It is still a short walk to the Old Town walls. 
The area is teeming with value-for-money, three-star accommodations, and is close to cheap restaurants. During the communist era, the quarter didn't look especially atractive, but has undergone intensive regeneration programme in recent decades and is popular among artists and young people.

Businessmen and sportsmen quite often stay in modern-build accommodations in the northwest hotel district of Bronowice, which is close to the main highway and transport links.
Zwierzyniec is an old suberb that offers most greenery and forestry in the whole of the city. Still close from the downtown however quieter and offering a breath of fresh air plus great landscapes around – with the view on „Kopiec Kościuszki”, a symbolic mound for the national hero of Poland and... USA. It is not far to the zoo as well, located in a nearby forest.

Podgorze is a district located just across the Vistula, Poland’s main river. This area featured heavily in film set for Schlinder’s List as it is where Jewish ghetto was built during II World War.
Accommodation here if rather cheap while it is still few tram stops from the centre of the city. There are modern hostels here making it ideal for backpackers, even those with have bunk beds. You can find here also private rooms for rent too. Another benefit from staying in Podgórze is a selection of good restaurants as well as cheap snack bars and even an old style „Milk Bar” with a cheapest food around.

In the southern part of Podgórze you can find unique type of accomodation. Former labourers hostels converted into hotels. Similar buildings have been constructed in the most modern district of Krakow - Nowa Huta.  There are a also few modern hotels in the distrcit which is preferred rather by those who want a quieter stay.
The district was built after II World War and consists mostly of blocks of flats. Some of them constructed in style of socialistic realism with adapted elements of Italian Reneissance - and like their predecessors they are also treated as monumets of history today.

Well, as a matter of fact it is something unique in the scale of the continent if not the world.